Freeware for Windows 95/98/NT.
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Please download anti-virus freeware from our list . These utilities require Windows 95 , Windows 98 or Windows NT system. Free update of viruses database is also available.

  • InoculateIT anti-virus utility

  • Freeware anti-virus utility. InoculateIT detects and cleans viruses in infected files , boot sector viruses , macro viruses ("living"  in MS Office 95/98/2000 , Word , Excel , Access documents . Free to update virus database and utility version

  • Antiviral ToolKit Pro

  • This anti-virus utility was created by one of the best russian programmers - "Doctor Kaspersky Laboratory" . It includes anti-virus  scaner which lives "inside" your Windows system and scan the files even you copy them from FDD to HDD. Also kills all kind of viruses.

  • Adinf - Dr.WEB Antivirus Utilities

  • Another russian programmers anti-virus utility from "Dialogue Science" company. Download free for non-commercial use Adinf utility for Windows 9x/NT. Other options : Online Anti-virus Scan , Technical Support , e.t.c
  • McAfee Clinic

  • McAfee's online free virus detection service checks your PC and remove all viruses.
  • HouseCall online virus scanning

  • Another free service for online virus scanning. All steps of the online scanning are in their page. HouseCall scans for and cleans viruses via the Web through ActiveX and Java technology. Requires Internet Explorer or Netscape Navigator
  • Anyware Antivirus

  • Free anti-virus utility only scans your computer for viruses (and let you delete any infected files). Detects all the latest viruses, including Polymorph, Stealth, Trojan Horse, Multi-Partite, E-mail, Internet, macro viruses. Warning: This free utility is a scanner only; to upgrade it to full version you must to purchase it.
  • F-PROT antivirus utility

  • The DOS version of F-PROT anti-virus utility. Free for home users.
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